Demerit Point Legislation for Uber Drivers

To Taxi Operators and Drivers across Australia,

Below is the video of the inquiry into demerit points introduced by the Katter Australia Party through a Private Members Bill.

The questions asked by the members of Parliament were straight forward any person who knows how to Google could have come up with the answers but not the Public servants of Qld Transport , I won’t make further comment just sit back and watch one hour of riveting answers.

Another point is the Taxi Council Of Qld are about to spend a Taxi load of our money (forgive the pun) by employing a Lobbyist, this is a total waste of money as a Lobbyist job is to get you into the front door to meet Ministers this is already being done by several operators & the CEO of Taxi Council Qld ask the question why is it because the executive of TCQ  have no business acumen or do they just want to throw money away for no purpose , I have been informed at least one major cab company is refusing to pay the money TCQ require it could be up to $1000 per vehicle.

I will have more news shortly as I have been in contact with the legal firms representing operators and drivers in Western Australia & NSW.

Because as I have always said “ all we want is a Fare Go For All”