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Saving Money on Your Taxi Cover

Taxi Cover Australia

Buying taxi covers for your taxi is not an easy decision. It involves a huge amount of money and of course, in return provides complete peace of mind. However, if you know the right ways, you will be able to save money on your taxi cover price. If you are looking for the best and most affordable taxi cover Australia, here are the best ways to save money.

Secure your taxi:

Just like any other vehicle cover, in the case of taxi Cover also, you need to make sure that your vehicle or taxi is completely secure. The safer it is, the lesser you will have to pay for the taxi cover. Having alarms and other security devices and locks will make the taxi cover providers convinced that your taxi is less likely to be stolen. This will reduce the price or premium amount for the taxi cover Australia to a great extent.

taxi insurance australia

Make annual payment:

As all the other taxi covers charge you more for monthly payment modes, the premium amounts of charges for the taxi covers in Australia are also extremely high. In that case, if you choose to pay on a yearly basis, that is to make the entire payment at one time annually, you will be given a discount for a huge amount.

Search and ask for quotes:

Before you make up your mind, it is very crucial that you research and ask for quotes from multiple  cover providing companies. The QOA Taxi Cover Pty Ltd is one of the many taxi cover providers for taxis in Australia. You are free to ask for quotes from the services to make up your mind regarding the one that offers lowest price.

Once you have shopped around and chosen the Taxi cover that will give you the maximum discount, without compromising on the benefits that you are looking for, you can proceed to pay for it. If you want to consider the QOA Taxi Cover Pty Ltd taxi cover providers for taxis in Australia, you can get in touch with them at their address 30 Staple Street, Seventeen Mile Rocks, 4073. You can also call them up and get a quote or discuss your requirements over phone at their number 07 3376 5097. However, they are also available online and are very active in replying to your queries through their email id claims@qoatc.com.au.

Demerit Point Legislation for Uber Drivers

To Taxi Operators and Drivers across Australia,

Below is the video of the inquiry into demerit points introduced by the Katter Australia Party through a Private Members Bill.

The questions asked by the members of Parliament were straight forward any person who knows how to Google could have come up with the answers but not the Public servants of Qld Transport , I won’t make further comment just sit back and watch one hour of riveting answers.

Another point is the Taxi Council Of Qld are about to spend a Taxi load of our money (forgive the pun) by employing a Lobbyist, this is a total waste of money as a Lobbyist job is to get you into the front door to meet Ministers this is already being done by several operators & the CEO of Taxi Council Qld ask the question why is it because the executive of TCQ  have no business acumen or do they just want to throw money away for no purpose , I have been informed at least one major cab company is refusing to pay the money TCQ require it could be up to $1000 per vehicle.

I will have more news shortly as I have been in contact with the legal firms representing operators and drivers in Western Australia & NSW.

Because as I have always said “ all we want is a Fare Go For All”